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Save Alkimos From Speculators! PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 30 January 2011 13:16

Alkimos, a new area in Perth's north-west coastal corridor located 40km north of Perth's CBD will have over 55,000 residential blocks of land for development. The development of roads, hospitals, schools, major retail, commercial and recreational facilities in this area will be compromised if we allow speculators to grab and hold on to this land.

Interested home buyers can register at our new website: http://www.friendsofalkimos.org

Please sign our petition here.

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First female prime minister could be a Pyrrhic victory PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 25 June 2010 14:36

"I am convinced that we make a great mistake in depriving one sex of voice in public matters, and that we could in no way so increase the attention, the intelligence and the devotion which may be brought to the solution of social problems as by enfranchising our women. ... the vastly more intricate, more delicate and more important questions which the progress of civilization makes of public moment, require the intelligence of women as of men, and that we never can obtain until we interest them in public affairs. And I have come to believe that very much of the inattention, the flippancy, the want of conscience, which we see manifested in regard to public matters of the greatest moment, arises from the fact that we debar our women from taking their proper part in these matters. Nothing will fully interest men unless it also interests women."

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GEA seminar 16th of January PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 19 December 2010 16:31

The GEA will be giving a seminar on "conditions for Social Justice" on Sunday the 16th of January at UWA. More information to be found here. Please come and bring all your friends and family along!

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Housing market will implode PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 03 May 2010 13:02

"AUSTRALIA is in the midst of an unsustainable housing bubble that could burst at any time", says economist Edward Chancellor to The Australian. "the Australian economy is yet to emerge from the global financial crisis, despite the widespread belief it has escaped the worst of it ahead of the rest of the world."  He attributed Australia's "luck" to a comparative lack of competition among local banks, enabling them to avoid much of the reckless lending that occurred in the US, as well as the commodities recovery led by China. "My view is Australia had a private sector credit boom just like the US and the UK and it had a real estate boom," he said. "The problem is the bubble and that hasn't gone away. Given the great growth in private sector credit and the vulnerability of the housing market . . . Australia is not out of the woods. It hasn't even entered the woods."

Chancellor correctly identifies the link between the unlimited creation of private credit by bank monopoly and asset bubbles. This has also been stressed out before by American Georgist economist Michael Hudson and British Georgist thinker James Robertson. What chancellor calls a 'housing bubble' though, is in reality a 'LAND bubble', due to rising land values as the West Australian reported earlier.

Buyers, beware! Australia will eventually get its bust. This is the worst timing for buying real estate.


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