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Wednesday, 28 April 2010 10:38

The West Australian is reporting again on the housing shortage. The article is this time mainly focusing on the "problem" of rising population. But it also calls for responsible action from the government:

The council said there was a "pressing need" to focus on measures to increase housing supply, otherwise there would be ramifications on house prices, social housing providers and governments. It said there was a real risk of people on lower incomes being forced into poor quality housing.

The Only real "Measure" that will make housing available to everyone, is to tax land values. The rising population means that people WANT to live here, that (for now) Perth is still considered a very attractive location. If we want to keep it that way, we MUST reinvest the land values back to the community and stop the unjust windfall gains that are made by holding real estate for ransom.

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